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I am 66 years old recently just lost my job. I am currently in rolled in a school to get commercial driving license. And that is another expense of $2,120 that I did not include in my medical expenses. In recent history, I have had two prostate surgeries, as well as an ankle and foot surgery. I also battling osteoarthritis in my lower back and Lymes disease which has caused various problems, such as, major inflammation throughout the body and neuropathy in my legs and feet.

physical therapy - $353.87                                         University Of Utah Health - $450.45                       Lymes disease treatment and care - $5,455.00                                    Orthotics to relieve back pain - $1,155.00              Neuropathy treatment  - $10,800.00

They certainly would appreciate any bit of assistance with these expenses!

Thank you very much! Sincerely, 

Paul Cysewski

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Paul Cysewski

Kaysville, UT, USA