About this fundraiser

Please help this great man get back to who he once was. Covid hit him and attacked his heart. He is in need of a Heart Transplant but also needs to support our kids kids and for his future. We all know his family means the world to him. He wouldn’t ask for this himself as I love him with my whole heart and see the great man he is let’s surprise him and show him the support he needs in this moment. He is still trying to get stable so that they can put him on the transplant list and it has already been a long hard try to just live. A heart would mean he can fully live again. Please help me take this burden of money for his care and supporting the kids we have between each other as we are a blended family trying to survive the world. Even $1 helps or spreading awareness. Thank you in advance. 

Organized by

Sandra Kiendo

Hudson, MA, USA