About this fundraiser

Hi everyone, my name is Nora! I am Ty’s awesome wife! We have 3 beautiful girls that are 15,9 and 7 years old!
I am starting this Go fund me to help Ty get a new heart! He is already 30k dollars in debt from medical bills from his hospital stay in July! In July he went into cardiac arrest 42 times! He was intubated 3 times and had open heart surgery to have his Lvad placed!
He found out yesterday, January 24th that his insurance is out of network for his heart transplant in Ann Arbor! That’s where all his drs are at! 
We are asking for help for trips to and from Ann Arbor for appointments, blood work, tests, medications and hotel stays that his insurance won’t cover! Right now we pay almost $800.00 a month for his medication! He takes 49 pills a day! Multiple times a day! These pills are what is keeping him alive! We go down to Ann Arbor almost weekly! Also we are asking for help to help pay off his previous medical debt he has accumulated over the past 6 months! 
All this has taken a toll on Ty’s mental and physical state! He is so weak, walking is even a chore for him! He can’t do simple tasks like putting on his socks or pants! He feels like a burden! He suffers from Anxiety and depression from all of this! Anything would be helpful even if it’s a prayer! God bless you all! 

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nora Maltby

Merrill, MI, USA