About this fundraiser

Meet Andrew, a truly incredible young man who has recently been faced with the challenging diagnosis of Leukemia. At his tender age, he shouldn't have to battle such a formidable foe, but here he is, bravely taking on this fight. As Andrew embarks on the road to recovery, he will encounter numerous hurdles, both emotionally and financially. The weight of these challenges is not only felt by Andrew but also by his family, who are striving to support him while still providing for their 5 other children. Your generous donations will not only help to alleviate the financial strain on the family but will also serve as a powerful expression of solidarity and compassion for Andrew in his time of need. Every contribution, no matter the size, will make a meaningful difference in Andrew's journey. Your kindness and support are deeply appreciated. Thank you for joining us in this important cause.

Organized by

Andrea Gonzales

Tempe, AZ, USA