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Today is the official year 2 mark of Rebeka Wilson's cancer diagnosis. As we sit here though her second to last chemo treatment the reality of what is to come starts to set in. After many ups and downs, new doctors, hospitals and cities the time is here and Rebeka is getting a new liver, a chance to live out the beautiful life that she has been creating with her family. 

On December 14th, 2022, Rebeka got the long-awaited call that she finally had qualified to get a liver transplant. This was an incredibly special time for a couple reasons. She happened to be in Georgia for her stepson’s graduation from Basic Training for the United States Army. 

On December 22nd, 2022, Rebeka reached out to everyone on Facebook and asked for help to find a donor.  This ask that as a person who is always giving and asks for very little, was a hard thing for her to do, but it was the only option. Due to guidelines that surround Liver Transplant, her life saving surgery would require a living donor. Once on the transplant list, transplants are ranked in order by meld score. Beka is lucky that she has no liver disease, but cancer is not something that scores high meld points for her to qualify for a deceased donor. 

The response was overwhelming, so many self-less people filled out the questionnaire to get tested and that kindness of even trying has moved her beyond words. 

A match has been made and surgery is scheduled! The kindness of an amazing individual who will be named when he is ready, will be traveling to Pittsburgh, PA with Rebeka and saving her life. The donor is a local business owner who, along with his wife, has an amazing and giving heart. When Rebeka expressed how she was unsure how to thank him for not only getting tested but agreeing and saying yes, his response was “don’t mention it”. The donor has given Rebeka so much hope. She is overwhelmed with the generosity and selflessness of this individual and wants to help make sure there is zero burden on him and his family. 

At the end of February, Rebeka, with the help of her husband and parents will travel with her donor to Pittsburgh PA. Then on February 27, 2023, Rebeka will be admitted to the hospital and undergo a 12-hour surgery. Simultaneously, the donor will also go in for surgery. Surgeons will remove 60% of his liver and transplant it into Rebeka. Both the donor and Rebeka should have fully developed and functioning livers again in about 8 weeks. 

Rebeka’s donor will need to stay in Pittsburgh for 3 weeks post-surgery to recover and be monitored. 

Rebeka will need to stay in Pittsburgh for the next 8 weeks after being released from the hospital to make sure she is recovering, and her body does not reject the new liver. 

Medical expenses are covered by Insurance. However, other expenses are going to be high. Rebeka and Travis have already paid out thousands of dollars to travel to out of state hospitals for treatments. I would like them to not feel stressed during this time and to help not only Rebeka and her family but help the donor and his family not feel a burden while giving such a precious gift. Travel expenses are not covered by her insurance policy. The hospital does not provide housing once she is released from the hospital for either her or the donor. She will need to acquire housing once she is released. Funds raised will help cover travel and lodging expenses as well as help keep meals covered for not only her and her caregivers in Pittsburgh, but for Travis and their kids back in Montana. 

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