About this fundraiser

Hi my name is Sharon Jones and I am a part time preschool teacher in desperate need of help!
I have a very close friend family like, that has been stuck in a nursing home in Chicago for 1 yr and 3 mo's without proper care. He had a stroke Nov. Of 2022 and was rushed to the hospital, the results left him unable to use his left hand and leg. He is at the mercy of a special county insurance. With minimal care. Last night he sent me a pic that really horrified me.
I just want to get him home with me so that I can get him the proper care and needs. He has no relatives that he can call on. He is diabetic and some days he is not given water.
However, I don't have the funds or the stregnth to go get him alone.
It will take someone to drive me there and help to retrieve him.
I have asked for help and I have people that will charge me $350-$500 to drive me and retrieve him then $400 for overnight stay for all of us and food.
So, my needs are about 2,200.He has lost over 80 pds and will has open hole on his face. He will need  coat, Soxs, shoes, meds and other necessities until i can get his insurance started too!
I would not ask if I could do it mys elf so, I'm now at the publics mercy to find it in your heart to donate any amount of money to bring william Bratton home me so that I can take care of him.
Thank you in advance!


Organized by

Sharon Jones

Detroit, MI, USA