About this fundraiser

I am requesting help for a family in Gaza, Ahmad's family that is trying to survive the ongoing deliberate genocide in Gaza, on the ground, where food and water can hardly be obtained and food prices are astronomical, all  people are subject to brutal bombardments and killing, and constant need to relocate. This fund raiser is trying and keep this family alive, until the circusmtances change and AID can flow in, and the Genocidal attrocities stop. They need money for food, shelter (tent), help moving from one place to another, as they are being ordered to, and other necessaities, as they were reduced to horrific conditions imposed by the occupation forces.

Please be as generous as you can, because you may just save a life, or lives of several people.

This fund raiser can help alliviate the suffering of up to 3 families I am in touch with, at present.

Many thanks in advance, and may the blessings of your gift come back to you many fold.

Organized by

Yoel Silashi

Sierra Madre, CA, USA