About this fundraiser

Hello friends, buddies, and strangers who stumbled upon this fundraiser. My name is Rob, and I have “bad teeth”. Not out committing crimes bad, more like getting cavities and falling apart in my mouth bad. I am humbly asking for your help in fixing them.

 I've had problems with my teeth for years, and as anyone who has had teeth issues knows, getting your teeth fixed is a very expensive process. Having health insurance isn't enough, teeth are special “Luxury Bones” that need their own special insurance. And even then, the materials and special training involved mean that getting something as simple as a crown on your teeth can cost $1200 or more even with insurance paying over half the bill.

 Over the last few years, I've struggled to get my teeth problems fixed, saving enough money to get the most necessary work done, hoping my Cali insurance would cover the work I need. I never have enough money to get it all done at once, so things get worse as I try to save enough $$$ to make my teeth work like they should. Recently, I got on new, better insurance, and am going to a great facility. I asked them to give me a list of everything i need done asap, and how much it would cost. Below, on the right, is the grand total of what I need to pay to get all my major teeth issues sorted. Crowns put on my teeth that need them, rebuilding problem tooth stuffs, mixing gum issues, etc. All for the low low price of $5,979.00


My insurance is paying over $10,000 too, so at least there's that. Still, that's a whole lot of money, more then I have in the bank, more then I can manage to save in a reasonable amount of time. I've already spent about $2500 on 2 crowns and some root canals, so this $5979 is the remainder that I need. The problem is, the longer I wait, the worse things get. I'm tapped out. I need some help.

That's where you come in. I need your help to get these Luxury Bones, my teeth, fixed once and for all. I hate asking the people I care about for anything like this. I know that most of my friends are in similar situations. Struggling to pay bills, raise families, and deal with their own medical bills. I wouldn't ask If I didn't really need some help. Even just $20 would be huge. With Give a Hand, I can keep whatever money I raise, so even if I don't hit my goal, I will still get something to help pay my dental bills. Times are tight for everyone, and I realize that I am asking a lot. If you don't have any $$$ to spare, I get it, I really do. Even $5 is something, like you saw me at the coffee shop and bought me a mocha. I would be psyched to receive your digital mocha.

 As an added incentive, I can send every donor that wants one a postcard with a hand drawn something, illustrated by me, with a short message of thanks. Suitable for framing on your wall, or putting in a frame on your desk, just send me your name and address, and I will do my best to send a card out to everyone who wants one. Keep in mind, no one said the art would be particularly great, but it will be from me, so at least it will be drawn with love and gratitude. And a micron. 

Since this is already feeling a little like a kickstarter, lemme put in some goal reward things. People like those, right? If I somehow make $1000 in this fundraiser, I will make a video thanking everyone. If I make it to $3000, you get a 2nd video. And if I somehow make my goal of $6500, a 3rd “Goal reaching celebration” video where I will interview one of my lost teeth, and talk mouth stuff. Stretch goals? If some Thrillionaire pumps me past the goal into the $7000s, maybe I actually start my website/blog project I've been threating everyone with, to celebrate having a mouth full of cavity free, pain free, working chompers. And obviously, I will be eternally grateful and thankful to anyone who is able and willing to send a few dollars my way. 

Why $6500? The processing system for payments takes a very small % out of each donation, so the extra covers that, as well as a small buffer in case my teeth get worse and need more work before my fundraiser is done, and of course stamps to send out those postcards. Once again, I don't have to hit my goal to be able to use the money I get, so every donation helps, even if I don't get anywhere near my goal. If 50 of my friends see this and donate $10, I would be $500 closer to getting my dental issues fixed, and I would be thrilled.

 Thank you for even considering helping out, and please know that you are wonderful and I love you regardless of whether you are able to donate or not. I would love to live in a world where nobody has to ask their friends for money so they can get their teeth fixed, or for any medical needs at all, really. But since that is not the case, I'll settle for living in a world where my teeth look and feel better, even if it means asking my friends for help. 


Organized by

Robert Egan

San Diego, CA, USA