About this fundraiser

2018 we received the shock of our lives. My husband David was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer. The doctor initially gave a Survival of 11 months to live, BUT praise God Almighty here we are four years later still fighting the fight. Unfortunately David must receive chemotherapy for 5 to 8 hours once a week which is extremely expensive even with insurance there are out-of-pocket costs. Today, March 12, 2023. When he went for his weekly chemotherapy he was told that he was under a financial BLOCK, they may not be able to provide his treatment. The young lady spoke to a supervisor and PRAISE GOD they allowed him to get his chemo. He must be in chemo for the rest of his life. Other than God, it is our lifeline. We need your help to raise funds to pay down the debt in order to continue his chemotherapy. Any amount that you can donate is appreciated and we are extremely grateful. i also have a small business called djsheart.com all proceeds from my store are to directly fund our medical bills. Thank you in advance for your help. God bless you abundantly. 

Organized by

Maryann Irizarry

Katy, TX, USA