About this fundraiser

Daniel is one of the people everyone knows will help them if they are in need. He had an early TBI (when he was 2) and needs me, his mom, to help with many details. I am so happy to help but money is running low. I will sell my house and anything else but immediate help is needed.

Daniel has a grown daughter and a very sweet granddaughter who are far away right now. I want nothing more than for them to get to see him again.

Daniel is only 53 and has been diagnosed with liver cancer. It is not treatable by conventional medicine. So, we have embarked on Gerson Therapy. It is his only chance. His immune response is stimulated by overfeeding nutrients and expelling toxins. We have faith that this treatment will work.

We are fighting but the cost in food and supplements to boost his immune system is astronomical. It's coming out to about $120 per day. This is not covered by insurance.

Please send prayers and light but please, please donate if you are able.

Many thanks for your support.


Organized by

Susan Stenger

Eaton, CO, USA