About this fundraiser

My sister's breast cancer diagnosis hit us like a ton of bricks. Just as we dared to hope for a smoother ride in 2024 after the rollercoaster of 2023, another blow came crashing down. She's gearing up for a double mastectomy on April 18th, followed by a grueling road of recovery and possibly radiation. Then comes the daunting prospect of reconstruction surgery, a journey that demands every ounce of patience and resilience she can muster.

But let me paint you a picture of my sister. She's not just a fighter; she's the beating heart of her family. Whether it's juggling work or tending to her kids' needs, she pours every bit of herself into their well-being. Even now, in the thick of it, her primary concern is ensuring her children's happiness and security.

Asking for help isn't something we're good at, but with medical bills piling up and workdays missed, the struggle is getting real. Yet, amidst the chaos, my sister and her husband cling to hope with unwavering determination.

I know my sister wouldn't want me doing this, but so many friends and family have asked how they can pitch in. So here we are, crowdfunding. Your support won't just ease the financial stress; it'll let my sister focus on getting better instead of stressing over bills.

Your kindness will mean the world to Becky and our family. Together, we can ensure that she receives the care and support she deserves as she navigates this challenging chapter of her life. Thank you for stepping up when we need it most.

Organized by

Rachael Herbert-Nalevanko

Greensburg, PA, USA