About this fundraiser

I am asking for help to pay the hospital bills for my husband, John. He recently had open heart surgery and is now completely disabled and was let go from his job. We have tried to negotiate with the hospital to reduce the prices, but were unsuccessful. We also were told that a previous heart procedure John had was done improperly, but the hospital deems it “acceptable” care. They placed a stent in an artery and the surgeon didn't inflate it, causing a heart attack. We have been forced to sell our farm and home because John is no longer able to care for our animals. As you can imagine, this is heartbreaking for both John and me. We would use the funds to pay for the deductibles that Obamacare doesn't pay and the hospital won't negotiate. We have always worked very hard to earn our living and raise our family. We have never asked for help until now. We pray that you can find it in your heart to help us. Thank you and God bless you!

Organized by

Kristina Lazorik

Iron River, WI, USA