About this fundraiser

Joey has been in the hospital since Sept. 12, 2023 fighting for he‘s life. He went saying he wasn’t feel well and they sent him home saying it was just viral infection but it just kept getting worse so much so that he’s body was in a lot of pain. We finally just go to the ER in our hometown and they put him in a room. After few days he was put in the ICU for not being able to breathe properly. After being there for 2 weeks he’s lungs, heart and kidneys will failing him and the hospital had no idea what was going on at all. They were telling us that if he doesn’t get transferred he will die.  Few days later after fighting to get him sent to OU medical center, They figured out that he has a fugal/yeast infection in he’s blood that was making all he’s organs fail on him. By this point they were telling us he Might have brain damage, be on a trach and be on dialysis for the rest of he’s life. Month later he was transferred to another hospital for OT and PT. He’s in so much pain that he can’t move he’s legs and Trying to talk again. This fundraiser is to help Joey with medical bills and personal expense. We will greatly appreciate the suppor from y’all. 

Organized by

Elizabeth LaBoy

Shawnee, OK, USA