About this fundraiser

Back in August of 2023 I quit breathing was airlifted to Lubbock hospital I stayed there for 3 weeks and they said that my lungs was messed up okay over several months of being in and out of the hospital they found several blood clots on my lungs and two spots,that tuned out as  cancer.my heart valves messed up and it's shooting blood clots to my lungs  so without medical insurance and the money to pay for it and get back and forth to the doctors into wear and tear on the car and the gas and everything else in the hospital bills I could die so without help I probably will die but if I can get donations to help me pay for my medical bills and the cost to get back and forth the hospital and so forth then I would greatly appreciate it would be saving somebody's life I don't have no family or nobody else some alone so I'm reaching out to people perfect strangers to share and help God bless you. Due to the illness I have to wear oxygen 24/7. And a ventilator to sleep, I can no longer work do housework or even bathe myself without assistance show your prayers in any donation any amount would be greatly appreciated thank you

Organized by

Kimberly Thompson

Snyder, Texas, USA