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Hello my name is Solomon johnson,I am humbly asking for the help of anybody who can help me get my smile back..as you can see the clear choice prices that was quoted to me after my xray and what was told to me is that I have jaw bone lost and thats also what the xray projected as well. I desperately want to smile again I haven't smiled in over 20 years and thats all I want to do,I'm emba5and angry for this reason and also I have a fiancé and I want to marry her oh so badly but I don't want to marry her and can't smile in any of our wedding pictures. This is all I want in life and I'm turning to complete strangers to understand and have enough compassion for my pain and embarrassment to help me smile again so I can be happy and smile for my soon to be wife in our wedding picture. Again I humbly thank anyone who can help me reach this goal. God bless all of those who can help and can't thank you.

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Solomon Johnson

Norristown, PA, USA