About this fundraiser


Masjid Mubarak is an incredible little masjid in Los Cabos built by the hands of the Muslims that worship there, all reverts!

Islam came into Los Cabos around 6 or 7 years ago when Caesar (now Muhammad) heard about Islam at the hotel he worked at.

He had just suffered the tragic loss of his son to cancer and a man who was staying at the hotel he worked at told him that God has a name and that name is Allah. From there Caesar, Muhammad, worked to learn more about Islam, all on his own, because there are no imams or teachers in their area.

There are now around 50 Muslims in Los Cabos from these efforts. They built a masjid with their own hands. This masjid has become a beacon of hope for those around it, muslim and non-muslim, that take refuge there in hurricanes.

I urge you to support this beautiful community.

Organized by

Remi Manwar

Bridgeview, IL, USA