About this fundraiser

In 2020 Samuel and Eshan bought a property with two houses- a medium-sized home for them to live in, and a tiny home which became "The Ministry House". Over the last three and a half years The Ministry House has sheltered men and women struggling with homelessness, provided a year-long residence for a recently released ex-convict, as well as hosted ministers, family, and friends. The Ministry house will continue to serve in similar ways, but it needs a reset. Some unsafe, faulty, outdated aspects of The Ministry House make it less welcoming to our treasured guests. Would you contribute to the Schleif family's effort to secure, improve, and update the ministry house through your financial gift? Below is a list of the exact improvements the Schleifs hope to make: 

-New Front and Screen Doors

-New Flooring or Resurfaced floor

-New Awning

-New in-unit Heater and Cooler

-Interior and Exterior Painting 

-New Ceiling Fan

-New Lighting Fixtures

-Several New Pieces of furniture 

-Doors for the Bedroom

-New Bathroom Sink and Cabinet

-New Mailbox

-New Exterior Drainage 


Organized by

Samuel Schleif

Greenville, NC, USA