Latest update as of Apr 27, 2024

  • Need help getting my car fixed

    Just need help fixing my car to get home please some body help me get out of Arkansas and back to indiana

About this fundraiser

I am raising money to repair my vehicle and get back home to Indiana, I am currently stranded in Arkansas away from all family and friends. I'm having trouble making the money myself and I'm struggling with paying for things I need on a daily basis and could really use help to get me out of this situation I'm in currently. Life has been very rough this year and just feel like my luck has ran out, that is why decided to start a fundraiser to help me get everything back on track and the only thing preventing me from doing that is my car being broke down so if anyone is able to help even a little bit I would be forever grateful. I am also willing to provide receipts to show what I spend the donations on will donate anything leftover to others in need of help in return. 

Organized by

Kyle Mashburn-Kist

Lafe, AR, USA