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My birthday is today 11/06/22. I am 25.  January 6th, 2006 My mother passed away from cervical cancer at 25. She had no medical insurance, did not have any parents and was struggling her whole little 25 years of life. I grew up in foster care at the age of 8 when she passed. I have 4 siblings who were all split up in the system. We do not have relationships with one another. My health is starting to rapidly deteriorate . I don’t have health insurance and Duke is refusing to see me. I have been bleeding heavily for more then 90 days. I’m losing weight rapidly. I’ve spoke to several charge nurses and nurse practitioners at Duke as I do reside in Durham NC who all tell me to go to the ER. I go and they tell me I need to see a specialist and I can’t afford that. I’m afraid I won’t even get to out live my mother at this point. Please help me take care of my medical needs. Please help me make it to 26. I always pay it forwards x100 .. 


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Jamaica Paul

Raleigh, NC, USA