About this fundraiser

My grandmother died on January 5 2022 due to covid. Her lost was devastating to our family . She was cream mated and unfortunately we have not been able to give her a proper final resting place. She was like a mother to me so when she died I suffered from a broken heart and had a mental breakdown I was admitted in to a mental health care facility.  I now am getting back in to normal routine and barely starting working in a hospital on Hollywood ca. I have to pay rent and has to buy a car and it was hard to do that. I'm just asking for a godly helping hand for my Vita that's what we all use to call her. So please for the love of God I'm asking for help from anyone who has the financial stability to do so. Because it hurts to see that my grandmother ashes are still not in a proper place. God bless 

Organized by

David Gonzalez

Long Beach, CA, USA