About this fundraiser

Ruthie is my aunt (Titi) and has pancreatic cancer that has threatened not just her health and life, but the well-being of her family that includes her two granddaughters who she is raising since her daughter passed in 2015. 

Bills are adding up. Cancer is expensive both in money and the cost to us all mentally. She is the financial caregiver of her granddaughters ever since my cousin Jasmine’s tragic death. 


Titi Ruthie is currently undergoing aggressive rounds of chemo which has taken a toll and she is not done. She hasn’t been able to work for months. The plan is for her to have Whipple Surgery once the cancer tumors have shrunk enough. It is extremely high risk, but necessary for her survival. She’s fighting. She’s doing all she can even going to the gym despite the extreme fatigue and nausea as shown by the pics I have shared. 


Titi Ruthie has ALWAYS cared for others to include her chosen profession and life has tested her repeated. Even when scared, depressed, financially challenged, and against what would be insurmountable odds for even the strongest of us, she has put others first. Evident from taking care of her mother through her dementia until her death, from leaving her life in Puerto Rico behind after the hurricane devastated the island, to ensuring her grandchildren had the best chance at a normal life after they lost their mother— her first-born child. 


Her husband is a survivor himself and due to his own health issues is unable to work. 


Titi Ruthie is full of love and is so much of a caregiver that it is also her chosen profession. She literally cares for elderly, but due to doctors orders and her declined health she can’t currently work. Any amount helps. Sometimes the caregiver needs care. I don’t ask this lightly, but with all the heartache this family has endured I want to do my part and help not only Titi Ruthie’s survival, but help shield my cousin Jasmine’s daughters from losing another mom, lose their home again, and quality of life because of finances. 


If you can’t help monetarily then consider sharing so maybe others will donate. Thank you. It means everything. 

Organized by

Gloria Wilson

Scott Air Force Base, IL, USA