Drew & Shelby Blacksmith, want to bring a cat café to Conway! Every feline friend in the shop will be available for adoption. So, if you like books, coffee, and cats, this place is for YOU! 



The ImpactYou may be asking, "Why a cat café?" Well, not only is coffee culture HUGE in Conway but so is the amount of animals in shelters all across Arkansas. Shelter numbers are high, which is leading to more euthanizations

We would work in conjunction with shelters across Arkansas to relieve them of their numbers and hopefully have fewer furry friends getting euthanized. We plan to have 10-20 cats available for adoption in our café at any given time. We will also have 2-3 spots open solely to take in cats last minute on surrounding states’ emergency euthanization lists. 


Available for Adoption  at the City Of Maumelle


Risks & Challenges

We want to be 100% transparent with you. This is why we are open about what our biggest challenge will be: Supplies. 

Just like the shelters across the state, we would depend on donations of litter, food, and other goods to care for the well-being of our feline friends











Meet the organizer

F. Adam


Conway, AR, USA

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