Latest update as of Jun 07, 2023

  • Out of surgery

    Loki is out of surgery and waking up. The Dr. said he has a very straight forward case considering this is extremely rare to begin with. He was impressed with how healthy Loki is despite his defect and he used his strength to go through surgery without any extra blood needed, no chest tube drains, and no additional heart defects found!!! We couldn’t have gotten better news. They will watch him overnight and see how he does. Fingers crossed we can pick him up soon so he can rest and recover in his own crate in his own room. His recovery will be slow and take several months but the vet believes he has hard real food in his future. We can’t wait to give him those first treats and his first bone. I’ll update more when we know more. Thank you everyone for all the support!!!!

About this fundraiser

My husband and I found Loki in a ditch when he was only 4 weeks old. We never located his mom or any other puppies. Loki was very sick and we spent several weeks bottle feeding him, fighting a bad case of coccidia, and getting his puppy shots. Unfortunately as he grew and weaned off the bottle we noticed he would throw up everything. We tried several diet changes and worked with our local vet, but nothing was working. After lots of trials our vet referred us out to The Pet Specialists of Austin. 

Dr. Shanti Jha with The Pet Specialists of Austin got X-rays, ultrasound, and a CT of Loki. All of the diagnostic testing was put on CareCredit and totaled almost $2600. With all this imaging we got the diagnosis of Persistent Right Aortic Arch (PRAA). Basically, at birth Loki’s right aortic arch is supposed to detach and fall off, well his detached but is stuck wrapped around his esophagus. As he grows less and less food or water is able to get through his esophagus and nourish his body. 

The only option is for Dr. Jha to go in and remove this aortic arch. Without surgery Loki will die. The surgical estimate is $5500 to $8000. My husband and I are both disabled with very limited income. We have already almost maxed the CareCredit with all the diagnostic tests. Loki has fought his whole life and is full of puppy energy. Loki has also been a companion for my service dog, Odin. Odin acted as a mother to Loki from the beginning and helped him learn how to be a dog. Loki is bonded to my husband and provides him company when I’m away working and have Odin with me. 

Please help us get Loki the surgery he needs to be a happy healthy puppy.

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Victoria Reina

Kyle, TX, USA