About this fundraiser

My husband Joel Cochran was involved in a very traumatic, no fault motor vehicle accident last Friday morning in which he sustained multiple serious injuries to his leg arm and ankle. His injuries required emergency surgery when he arrived at the hospital even with physical therapy he has long road before he can walk again. If you live anywhere north of Lula traveling south that morning that was the reason for all the traffic. Knowing my husband he would probably want to apologize to everyone for that traffic on a Friday morning. He was traveling to his new job that he had only started three weeks prior. My husband is a veteran a very proud man who would never ask anyone for help but yet here I am. It’s hard for me to be here telling you I need your support but sometimes we all need a little help. We are not currently covered under medical insurance as that takes 90 days as we all know, so watching the first of the medical bills slowly start to filter is nothing short terrifying. I hope and pray our situation somehow finds its way into your hearts and if you are in a position to help you do so. Thank you and god bless each and everyone of you.

Organized by

Donna Cochran

Alto, GA, USA