About this fundraiser

Mother of four needs help getting back on feet, after losing job of 7 years to care for very sick mother who been admitted into the hospital several times within the last 7 months. She wasn't able to care for herself and needed to be under careful supervision, to protect her from harming herself or others. Need help with getting bills caught up, trying to take care of kids while caring for mom, trying not to get depressed from being so overwhelmed with everything piling up. Worried about losing our home and having no family or anywhere to go with kids. Looking to go back to work, but being almost 3 months behind on everything, not knowing where to start has been a lot of stress and scary. Trying to find work, on top of caring for sick mother who also suffers from bipolar 1 with major manic and phycotic episodes that get scary. Recently got car repoed, so have to worry about transportation if can't get car back from repossession company. Never been this far behind on bills, worried about becoming homeless with kids right around the holidays and not able to do Christmas this year. Kids are ages 18,16,10 & 8.. youngest is the only boy. Anything will help and will be much appreciated. If you're not able to donate, a simple prayer will also help. 

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Roland, OK, USA