About this fundraiser

Hi, we are Jennifer and Brandon. We are fundraising to get back on our feet, into our own place, while this very rare (for us) opportunity is available. If we can meet our first goal of $1500 by no later than Friday, 5/17/24, we can move into our own, very affordable apartment!! EDIT, We have been able to put $300 aside so far (The first goal covers first month rent $800, half of deposit $400 and pet deposit $300. This is the minimum he will accept to move in. If we meet our full goal, the rest is for the 2nd half of deposit $400 and Cleaning supplies/other necessities $200 which is needed ASAP after move in.)

Brandon and I, along with our sweet 2 1/2 year old pup, have been struggling for a couple of years now. We are desperate for the stability our own apartment would provide. Escaping homelessness is challenging enough for a single individual, but when you’re a couple AND you have a dog… it is hellish. We have so few people willing to rent to us that we must pretty much take whatever is offered, putting us in far from ideal living environments every time. From a camera in our room to being lied to about how livable a garage was just so they could get our money to pay their own rent, The constant fear of the unknown and uncertainty of our living situation is exhausting, and no one should have to live like that. 

Reaching our fundraising goal would be a game-changer for all of us. Chance, our fur baby, gets so sad when he is stuck in our room 24/7, he loves to run. We go on walks and try to let him “play” outside, but you can only do so much on a leash. When he is allowed to roam freely inside and not be cooped up in one room, he is so much happier. My health would benefit in a life changing way, both mentally and physically. Battling depression and severe anxiety while constantly stressing over housing has taken its toll. Living in survival mode for so long has left me feeling on edge and drained all the time. Having our own apartment would provide  peace of mind and security I desperately need to live in the moment and be myself again. Brandon does gig work, and whatever else he can to make ends meet for us. But the exhaustion from barely getting by day to day weighs heavily on him. Having our own place would allow him to secure a full-time job without the constant worry of financial instability. EDIT: For anone local to Sacramento, we are more than willing to work for the help we need. Cleaning, organizing, child care, basic graphic design (flyers, business cards, etc.), meal prep… and heis A handyman master. Plumbing , electrical, demo, landscaping, He is truly a jack of all trades!

Your support would signify a fresh start, a solid and foundation to build upon, and the promise of a truly happy family dedicated to spreading kindness and helping others. Thank you for considering our story and for any assistance you may be able to provide, here’s to creating a brighter future filled with hope and endless possibilities. 

“No one is usele itss in this world who lilghtens the burdens of another.”

Organized by

Jennifer Olson

Sacramento, CA, USA