About this fundraiser

I am a disabled single mother of 2, 1 preteen boy and one teenage girl.  Which is really what Which is really what this is all about to make sure that they have what they need were quickly approaching thebend of our lease where we're at now so I'm kind of panicking struggling trying to find adequate housing and still maintain. As well as keep it together and appear strong for the kids. I've been on assistance for 6 years battling back and forth with social security finally a hearing for my disability case will be taking place in Early summer and hopefully the stress can let up a bit following that for months and years now ive used all My assistance to pay for just rent leaving us with a few pennys to then try tob get everything else needed. Any thing you can help with would appreciated beyond what words could describe. 

Organized by

Melissa Beaulieu

Cambridge, MN, USA