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Hi everyone, 
I’m fundraising for Willow McCart. 
I have gastro paresis and enlarged lymph nodes in my neck. I started getting symptoms of nausea, stomach pain, chest pain, heartburn, lightheaded, my throat and neck hurt, I could hardly swallow and nothing in my stomach was digesting when I was 15. I’m 18 now. Lots of tests and surgeries were done due to the thought of me having cancer, (which was false), therefore working is very difficult and always will be. I’m nauseous everyday, all day and get a sick feeling quite instantly. Unfortunately there is no cure, only medication. I have tried working and other therapy but my body just cant handle doing anything. My mother also struggles with lupus an auto immune disease which means she takes medication aswell but no cure. All the funds will help me and my momma pay bills, get food, and medications. Anything helps. I’m very grateful for you all. 
Thank you❤️

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Willow McCart

Ephrata, WA, USA