About this fundraiser

Hello everyone,, Let’s help support Hannah on her journey to college to become a veterinarian assistant let’s  show her support by helping her get a vehicle for transportion.  The tool she needs is a vehicle  it’s to far to walk, and bus don’t come out to where she’s at. So being able to achieve this goal will brighten Hannah s future .Hannahs Passion  and kind soul will allow her to do what she loves. Another passion of hers is designing blue jeans with embroidery pockets. 

The impact this will do for Hannah s life , is truly amazing.. By your donation's no matter how big or little everyone counts. And the positive impact you will have on her life, is truly astounding, So thank you in advance . lets give that support!!! 
Light &Love

Organized by

Nicole Ady

Waddell, AZ, USA