About this fundraiser

We all know the recent health issues that Mike West has been enduring he past year. He is still struggling to find out exactly what’s wrong. One thing for certain is that he has lung disease that has serious repercussion on his breathing. He is, presently, on oxygen 24/7. he continues to have many drs appts that ALL require co-pays. they have depleted his bank account. I’m just trying to take the worries away from Mike and Marie. If you feel led to donate, little or big, please do so knowing that we are all friends helping friends. Mike has always helped others and now he needs our help. Thank you! Mike and Marie thank you too!!🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️ if you can’t give monetarily then prayers are als welcome. 

Organized by

Nancy Luman

Texarkana, AR, USA