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My sweet & beautiful daughter-in-law, Jasmariah Swenson (i.e., Jazzy), has been diagnosed with a rare health condition called Familial thoracic aortic aneurysm and aortic dissection (i.e., Familial TAAD). At the young age of 29, a wife, and mother of 3 young boys (Christian 9, Zen & Kenai 1 yr. old twins), a diagnosis like this has rocked their world as she prepares to undergo open heart surgery on 11/3/2023.



Jazzy started experiencing some chest pain during the middle of June, and on 8/23/2023, the family received the heart-breaking diagnosis. Unbeknownst to all of us at the twins' birthday Luau on 8/26/2023, Jazzy & Beau gathered with family, with smiles on their faces, trying to hide the overwhelming news. I think back to that day & tears come to my eyes as I visualize her dancing in celebration for her boys & yet bearing the weight of the world on her shoulders.



Jazzy's doctors were baffled by her diagnosis! Her aortic root was dilated to 5.2cm and the normal size is 3.4cm. They typically see this condition in 65-75 year old men! They immediately ordered additional testing for aneurysms in her brain & neck, as well as a genetic work up. The good news is that they did not detect any other aneurysms; however, the genetic testing did confirm that she has a gene mutation (ACTA2 gene). This particular gene mutation changes the way her body produces the protein used to strengthen her arteries & blood vessels. Due to this condition, her vessels & arteries are weak, making them easier to stretch, tear, or rupture. The other news that no parent ever wants to hear is that her 3 handsome young boys have a 50% chance of inheriting the gene. Luckily, knowing this early on in life could be life saving!



As Jazzy’s amazing doctors here in SLC were putting all of the pieces together of this rare condition, they also came to the conclusion that her surgery should be done by a doctor that is the most skilled in this type of procedure. In Jazzy’s particular case, they will actually remove the aneurysm in her ascending aorta & aortic root that will be replaced with a graft but will save her aortic valve. By saving the native aortic valve, she will avoid the need for Coumadin (i.e., blood thinner), for the rest of her life. The full procedure that Jazzy will have done on 11/3/2023 is called: 



“Reconstruction, Aorta, Ascending, w/Valve-Sparing Aortic Root Remodeling & Cardiopulmonary Bypass” 



With this intricate surgery, Jazzy will need to be placed on a heart-lung machine which will take over the function of the heart & lungs during the operation. Her kind & honest surgeon here in SLC said, “If you were my daughter, I’d refer you to Dr. Moon at the Texas Heart Institution.” Dr. Moon is at the top of his game & performs these riskier types of surgeries. I can’t tell you how much comfort there is in knowing that sweet Jazzy is in the best of hands!



The one small (but big!) downside of going to the Texas Heart Institute, is that it’s not “in-network” for her insurance. We are praying every day that the amazing staff & advocates at the hospital will be able to show the insurance company that there were no other options for Jazzy. This is a life saving surgery that needs to be done by a surgeon that has done this numerous times, feels confident in the outcome, and can send Jazzy back to her family that so desperately needs her here. 



Beau & Jazzy are headed to Texas on 10/30/2023. Jazzy’s parents (Iefata & Mina Moe) fly in from Samoa on 11/9/2023. The twins will be staying with us (Rick & Tawny, Beau’s parents) until Jazzy’s parents arrive. Handsome Christian will be staying with his favorite cousins!



We are asking for financial assistance to get this young family through the next 3 months of Jazzy’s recovery. They will experience a huge loss in income, travel expenses to Texas (at least a 3 week stay), as well as an enormous pile of medical bills. Any amount would be so appreciated & graciously accepted. We will also be doing some fundraisers along the way. I will update this account with dates & details. 



If you’re not able to contribute financially, we will also kindly accept all prayers, good positive thoughts, & the sharing of her story. 



For locals here in Utah or surrounding states, you can also contribute by going into a Mountain America Credit Union branch and asking to donate to the:




You can also follow Jazzy’s personal blog at:




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