About this fundraiser

My son my 16-year-old he was a victim of rape by a man that was a mentor of his and the man had a friend of his that assisted in the rape. My son has been going through counseling unfortunately we didn't find out for almost a year before my son felt safe enough to tell anyone to disclose. The men are in jail as of right now one however he has the opportunity to bond out and the one that has the opportunity to bond out his mother got a hold of pictures and videos of my son and plastered them all over social media making a lot of people aware of my son and his privates and so forth. Every one of them knows where we live and for the last 3 or 4 months we've been dealing with a stalker and a Peeping Tom including trying to attack my oldest son about 2 weeks ago unfortunately we can't ever catch the guy the only person that we can think of that's having anything to do with this is someone involved with these people that have hurt my son my son lives in fear daily so I've had to come to the realization it is going to take us moving to a place where these people don't know about to help my son feel safe again. Unfortunately it's going to take money to do this I'm not going to be able to cover all of the resources it's going to take to move utilities deposits and rent everything all up front Plus the cost of having to move. That is going to take money and I have no way of getting it all up together you also have to pay for application fees and them things are usually anywhere from 35 to $60 a piece as I said my son is in therapy but he's really starting to fight paranoia really bad both of my children don't feel safe right now and it breaks my heart that I can't just up and move for them so that they can feel safer so now I'm having to reach out and ask for help.

Organized by

Lamonica Brady

Jacksonville, AR, USA