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As many of you know, my sister in law, Shawna, has bravely fought breast cancer and is has now metastasized into her brain. When the docs looked at her last brain MRI, they saw that it is growing in the 95th percentile and said the new breast stuff can wait, moved up her brains treatments to ASAP and added more treatments. 

The effects of chemo had been wearing off but this new situation is causing new effects. Throw in all the other things that are happening in her day to day life and the last year has been insanely difficult 🥺

Shawna is always clinging to her faith and full of hope and belief that God will heal her. I hope you will join me in helping Shawna financially and in prayer as she has to navigate through all of this. Between the treatments and their effects, the special foods she has to eat and a million other things cancer costs, it is beyond exhausting and financially HARD! 

Please take a moment to send her some love and help her out financially this month. 

Much Love, Michele

Organized by

Michele Yoder

Ewa Beach, HI, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Shawna Yoder