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Photo of Hivaansh Ghadge and his father. 

Your compassion helps save a life.  

1) Hivaansh Tushar Ghadge, a 2.5-year-old boy living in Maharashtra, India, is battling Thalassemia at an age when other children are living a carefree life.

2) Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder characterized by less oxygen-carrying protein (haemoglobin) and fewer red blood cells in the body than normal. Hivaansh has Beta thalassemia major (Cooley's anaemia), the most severe kind of beta-thalassemia.

3) Beta thalassemia major, known as "transfusion-dependent thalassemia," has forced Hivaansh to live a life that is dependent on lifelong blood transfusions provided every 15-20 days.

4) The doctor has prescribed a bone marrow transplant as the only long-term cure for the child's condition.

5) However, his treatment costs a whopping amount of $30,450 (Rs 25 lakh in India), making it unaffordable for his middle-class family.

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Every single minute spent with my son, Hivaansh, is bliss. His presence has been our biggest joy. However, when we look at him now, we feel we have failed him. We can't help or save him. Every minute of his pain crushes our hearts over and over again. Seeing him in such a weak state destroys our very being. He's slowly succumbing to thalassemia, and we can't do anything but wait and watch.

When my child was diagnosed with thalassemia, life changed drastically for him and for us. He is just 2.5 years old and is battling this heinous illness. He is too young to even realize how fatal his illness is. His low blood levels cause excessive fatigue and affect his ability to do any physical activity that other kids his age manage without any trouble. We also have to keep him protected and under constant supervision as even a small injury can affect his already low blood levels, which could be fatal for him. Every fortnight, the doctors prick his fragile body with needles for blood transfusions, and my heart breaks seeing him wail in pain. Currently, his treatment and medications are continuing as recommended by the doctor.

"According to reports from the National Health Portal and the World Health Organization, India is the thalassemia capital of the world with about 50 million carriers. About 15,000 babies are born with thalassemia major every year in India."

The doctor has advised that his life depends entirely on the much-needed bone marrow transplant. However, the additional cost of his further treatment is Rs 25 lakh, which is unaffordable for us to bear. I am here to raise funds for our son after spending all our savings on his treatment thus far. My son is our lifeblood, and even the thought of losing him brings tears to our eyes.

Please assist us in relieving our child's excruciating pain. As parents, we experience a wide range of emotions. He requires your immediate assistance to overcome this rare disease. Kindly donate and share this campaign link with the maximum number of people so that my child gets the maximum help!

Organized by

Akash Ghadge

Minneapolis, MN, USA