About this fundraiser

Please support my wife Pamela King, and I. She was diagnosed with throat cancer. I’ve gladly taken the task of being her care taker after two rehabs failed to care for her in a loving way. My unemployment has run out in October. And we’re living on the last of our savings. I’ve had her home now since December. She is debilitated and trust me only, her husband of 32yrs. She had a tracheotomy done which I’ve learned to treat at home. Our health care system today doesn’t do enough for loved ones in need of Home Care. An ambulance driver told me. No one gonna love her like family. Rehabs and Nursing Homes just can’t do it these days. Our health care system today is broken and doesn’t allow us to financially care for our loved ones in the home. The PPP caretaker program won’t pay enough to keep a roof over our heads. They won’t pay over 20 hours if your paid to keep a loved one at home, it’s a 24hr. Job. So this is why I’am asking for your support. please help me support the love of my life. Care Taker is my new job. Please support us. Your donations will be greatly appreciated. It will help pay rent ; food ; gas and every day life expenses a normal job would support. Except it‘s a 24hr. job administering medications ,bathing , changing their clothes and bed sheets. In sickness and health, better or worse. Love conquers all.

Thank you 

Husband Clyde King 

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Clyde King

Lindenwold, NJ, USA