About this fundraiser

my name is Angela and I am a single mom of 5 who always wanted the best for my children ages 18,17, 15, 9, and 3. Back in November I fell on hard times after surgery for my gallbladder and tried to catch up but the neighborhood I am stayed in decided to stop taking my money after I kept  in contact and let them know I would be paying late and the leasing manager agreed. When the day came to pay the locked the portal to prevent me from paying my rent. they  even avoided me and my efforts to contact them til January where they decided to proceed with eviction on me and my children. I filed my taxes and still in the process of waiting on my taxes which I found out my account was flagged and stated I would have to wait for a letter from the IRS to verify my identity which can take up to 4 weeks . the leasing office finally sat with me and told me they would allow me to pay but would not stop the eviction until they received payment in the form of a cashiers check  in the amount of monies owed with late fees and attorney fees added which was more than i anticipated and the fact I still have yet to receive the form from the irs. I attempted to apply for loans and was deceived by a company portraying themselves as a known loan company to access my account and ended up disputing some transactions to make it seem like they were putting money in my and asking me to send it back which alerted the bank to notify me to know that it was a scammer, and they ended up transferring money out of my account that was already there , leaving me in the negative and on top of the bank chose to close my account. my paychecks, my child support. Everything goes to this account. And recently I Found out that the judge granted the apartment complex request for a final judgment. We have only 200 to our name and any day now the sheriff will come knocking on our door to tell us leave. I found a place that’s willing to work with us regarding the eviction but will have to come up with first and last months rent which equals 3800  in a state that is more affordable. I filed a emergency motion to stay to try to buy us more time to relocate but do not have much time. we have nowhere to go and the shelters in osceola county Florida are over packed due to the extreme amount of homelessness in the county plus i have a service  animal for my disability I would have to give up if going into a shelter and one of my kids is 18 who I am trying to get disability for Which they will end up trying to separate us Due to his age.  Please help keep our family together! I can’t eat I can’t sleep due to the extreme anxiety of not having anywhere to go once they tell us to leave. 

Organized by

Angela Valentin

Kissimmee, FL, USA