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Hello I'm a 44 year old disabled homeless female currently  I'm living in the Village Of  Hope  Shelter Downtown in fresno.. And it is a only a ninety day shelter And here in a few weeks my time will be up.And I will have to go back out to the streets and I am currently in need of everything I need a easy to set up waterproof windproof can't.Also I need a push wagon.An extra large one also a pad to lay on.Because I do have a BAD back I JUST Recently, priced all these items on amazon.com.And it came out to roughly approximately 560 dollars total And as I said, I am partially disabled and I have no income at the moment and it's just me and my emotional support. Animal, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I could send you links to the items if you just like to purchase some and ship them to me yourself. Also, as you can see from my picture, I'm a bigger girl so I do need a larger size.TENT than a two person I would need at least a four PRESON or six PRESON TENT  be able to hold my stuff and be comfortable to sleep in. THANK YOU

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Stephanie Foust

Fresno, CA, USA