About this fundraiser

Hey all, I’m not even sure where to start here., on top of being extremely embarrassed. I am trying to get Bobby and I back home to Arizona.  On April 21st, Bobby and I endured domestic assault. My car also stopped running that very morning.  There has been amazing people who have helped get my car to a shop, and a foundation that is covering the expenses to get it  fixed and safe for Bobby and I to drive across country in. We have to be out of the place we are at by Friday, as much as the managers here would love to help me further than that, they just unfortunately can’t. I have to remain in TN until Monday for court, because if I am not present in court physically, they will drop the assault charges. My family is helping as much as possible, but to try and ease the burden of these unfortunate events, I am reaching out here. If you cannot donate, please share, and you are more than welcome to reach out. We are okay, we are safe, and we are protected. Thank you all,  we greatly appreciate any help, shares, prayers, and support we can get. ❤️

Organized by

Ashley Stephens

Phoenix, AZ, USA