About this fundraiser

Please help Kerstin and her daughter. She is a wonderful mother of one. Who has been going through awful trauma of domestic violence. And her daughter seen the last altercation. And it will bring tears to your eyes. Kerstin has kept silence until yesterday. She came and showed me her neck and her arms. I started to cry and I said my dear one please call the law. She has worked her whole life. About 9 months ago she began to get depressed holding all this in. So she had to let her job go. Now she is homeless has nothing due to this issue with domestic violence. She has no money to get items for her 3 years old daughter. I'm asking for help for her. I have never done this. But Kerstin always has a smile and is a wonderful person. She loves her daughter. It breaks my heart she has no where to call home. Due to the charges she can't go back and live with the abuser. Which she wasn't. Anything will help her. Even a room at a hotel until I pray she gets a place to live. But she doesn't have any money. Let's help her get on her feet. 

Organized by

Patricia Toland

Zanesville, OH, USA