About this fundraiser

I am raising funds for my boyfriend Jessy Hilberry who died on May 5 2023 of heart failure he was only 31 years old.  I owe $1800 to the funeral home for the cremation this includes transportation. $300 for flowers. $150 Urn and $25o transfer of remains.  Any amount that you can donate really helps. I have these things paid for by Tuesday. May 16 2023. If you cannot donate please forward Jessy's campaign to someone who maybe able. I thank you for you support. This  is truly the most difficult time I have ever been through, Loosing Jessy has completely devistated me. He was on life support for 5 days and daily his prognosis worsened. Renal failure liver failure heart failure and finally brain damage. I'll never forget the words he won't make to morning. I held him, cried, and whispered go if you must don't stay for me… In silence I sobbed as he drew his last breath and the machines were turned off.  I loved him more then was ever able to convey to him. I can't let him down. ….

Organized by

farrel dupuy

Slidell, LA, USA