About this fundraiser

For years we have rented .. now that our family has grown and the kids have gotten older it was time to buy our 1st home! Conveniently my husbands childhood neighbor had a foreclosed house for sale. At some point we knew we needed to get a bigger house to comfort the space for our kids, along with the wishes of my husband needing and wanting his own space (the garage).. so with the fact my husband shared many memories of his childhood in the area and at this particular location it was hard to pass up. 
After taking a walk through the house I myself noticed many update’s cosmetically that needed to be addressed. From wallpaper removal, paint, patch work etc. Not to mention we took the house AS IS.. so all the prior owners belongings would have to be purged through and cleaned out. As many know buying a house brings on its own stressors and headaches.. Im working at Clay HS where my job will come to an end in July due to shutting down the school and all out of kids will begin school in another district requiring me to be full time transportation.. which means now we are going to be solely on my husbands income and being home until I am able to find another job fitting that would accommodate our schedules. 
This is a blessing and a pain all at the same time. 
So I’ve decided to see if anyone would like to donate a $1 or anything willing to help us along in repairs, updating and dumpster rentals. This is not required nor meant to be a plead out for help just a use of platform to be able to receive an extra “pair of hands” during this process. 
I know this is going to take time in the long run I just want to make it somewhat of an easier transition then the normal chaos and havoc of moving and updating another home while in the process of losing a job, dealing with July weather of moving and decluttering 2 houses.  😂 

Thank you 🙏 

Organized by

Ashley Denaway

South Bend, IN, USA