About this fundraiser

Gaius has spent the past several months bedridden due to a debilitating disc degeneration disease of the spine. While he lived with this condition since 2018, things took a turn for the worse earlier this year. As a result, on Friday, May 5th, he had surgery to repair the severe disc degeneration and he has started on the long road to recovery. Following the surgery, another setback occurred when his bladder became nonfunctional. Specialist were called in and prayerfully we now have a plan of action to restore full bladder function. Update: As of today (May 15th), Gaius is still in the hospital and continuing to get stronger.  

My husband works as a self-employed recruiting contractor, so our income has been greatly diminished over the months. The treatments and care leading up to this operation have created a real financial hardship. The upcoming physical therapy, special equipment and in home assistance is also very costly.

Please consider donating to this effort and help get Gaius Cameron back on his feet. Thank you in advance and God bless you! 

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