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hi And thank you for your time, I am a 49 year old woman who has been married for 31 years. i have lived with my husband since I was 15 and have raised 3 beautiful children. My husband and I had a home and a life, until right before Covid 19, my husband tried to commit suicide. We were in ICU with him for a week on life support praying he would come back, he finally did! Unfortunately he was not ever the same, drugs took him and we lost everything, I have bent sent to the hospital with a broken rib, he busted a tooth out and still I stayed believing i could save him. “Until death do us part”…. now I am trapped with no way to leave .. I have found temporary housing but no way to pull it .. I am desperate to find a Truck i can trust to haul the 5th trailer I have … The above amount is random .. i am literally looking for a reliable truck.. 

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Jo Owens

Chico, CA, USA