About this fundraiser

This is Billy Coker (my brother) from East Central Alabama (Valley, Lanett, Opelika area). Billy returned to Alabama the latter part of 2023 to be closer to his family and spend time with mom before she passed away. He did find work right away but did not get insurance or short/long term disability. He had a sore come up on his foot and soon after both feet were black. He is type 2 diabetic and was not managing it very well without insurance. After repeated trips to the ER (to be sent home) he was finally admitted. It took almost 3 months for them to even admit him and his feet continued to get worse. He was released one week after the first hospital visit and sent to see the wound surgeon who immediately admitted him and amputated a portion of his left foot. He spent almost a month in the hospital. He is home now trying to pick up the pieces with no income and bills piling up. He is on a wound vac and home health is coming twice a week. He is still not out of the woods with either of his feet! He is now on insulin and other meds to help manage the diabetes. The recovery time is approximately 8 weeks. He cannot  work and is in a very much needed situation just to maintain the bills.  The money we are trying to raise will go specifically towards 3 months rent, utilities, gas (to get to doctors appointments), and needed supplies while he recovers. If you feel led to help even if it’s just $5 and passing the word around to try to raise some money to help pay his bills, it will be greatly appreciated by not just him but all of us!  I’d also personally like to ask for prayer for him as he is transitioning to a different lifestyle. Thank you for taking the time to read this, leave an encouraging word for him please!

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Billy Coker

Valley, AL, USA