About this fundraiser

give up, he truly believes that God still has him here for a reason. Despite the odds stacked against him his will to live has not wavered and he keeps overcoming every obstacle and death sentence that is thrown at him and we can only pray that he can keep fighting. Please help me save my wonderful husband and our daughter’s amazing Daddy. This is so heartbreaking to see him suffer like he is. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the love, prayers and any help that you can provide. God Bless!

Note: The breakdown of Jacon;'s anticipated out of state cancer treatment expenses quoted to us are over $900K.

$9,000 - Cancer Chemo Resistant Blood Test 

$10,000 per treatment 5 x's per week for 4-5 months ($50k/per week)

**All funds will be used for his cancer treatments, prescriptions, out of state travel, out of state lodging, meals, and at home expenses. 


Thank you so much for your consideration. 


Organized by

Tracy Arrowood

Mosinee, WI, USA