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Whether you’re new to Glo, or a long time employee, you’re familiar with the name Jamie. Here at Glo, Jamie is a light when things are feeling dark, a positive inspiration, a role model and a fantastic support system. For those who have been blessed to be around Jamie, you know that she is the type to give you the shirt off her back, or the last $5 in her wallet. Above all, Jamie is a best friend, a wife, and a loving and wonderful mother.

It saddens us to inform you that Jamie has been dealing with some medical issues the last few months, going to different doctors trying to get some answers. What started as a severe headache has rapidly progressed into much more, such as sudden vision loss the last two weeks. She has suffered in silence and remained resilient throughout her struggles. As of Wednesday, Jamie was admitted to the hospital to have test ran for a concrete diagnosis to finally be able to get answers. As of now, she has received IV antibiotics, a CT scan and spinal tap. Due to the severity, the hospital needed to transfer her to a better equipped location so she can get a diagnosis.

Unfortunately, Jamie’s health insurance does not go into effect until February 1st. As you can imagine, her medical bills will be high. Knowing this, Jamie has suffered for too long. As a community, we would like to take some of that stress off of her plate so she can relax and focus on getting health once and for all. We have created this fundraiser to help with any medical bills she will endure during this time. Any donation is greatly appreciated - no amount is too small. Additionally, we ask for any and all prayers and well wishes for her. We know Jamie is strong and we can’t wait to see her back in action doing what she loves, surrounded by those who love her!

Organized by

Sarah Shumake

Oklahoma City, OK, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Jamie Stewart