About this fundraiser

I'm starting this fund raiser to help my daughter Leilani with this unexpected emergency. My beautiful 11 year old grand daughter Jazliene has been admitted into the hospital on Oct 26th. The Dr's are trying to figure out exactly what is going on with Jazliene. All we know right now is her kidneys are failing and not functioning as they should. They are running so many tests to see what is causing her kidneys to fail. My beautiful daughter, Leilani,  is an amazing mother of 3 beautiful little girls.  To whom she is the sole provider. As you can imagine this is causing her to stress tremendously as to how she is going to pay her rent and bills as she is unable to work because she will not leave her daughters side. As any mother wouldn't. We have applied for Paid Family Leave however, that can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month if approved. And as everyone knows, you do not get your full pay even if approved. She has two other beautiful girls ages 2 & 7 here at home with me. At a time like this a mother shouldn't have to worry about losing her car or her place to live while she is already worrying about her child's well being. Or worry about all her children eating or having a place to live. This fund raiser is also to get Jazliene some things to keep her little mind busy while she is in the hospital she loves to draw and play games. Her mother is keeping a brave face as to not worry Jazliene,  but Jazliene is a very smart and intuitive little girl.  She knows she's sick but doesn't comprehend how sick she really is. If you are able to donate we thank you in advance. Any & all donations will be greatly appreciated however,  If you are unable to donate we just ask that everyone please keep Jazliene in your prayers.  Thank you & GOD bless. 

Organized by

Edna Henson

Soledad, CA, USA