About this fundraiser

Some of you know but some of you may not know, my brother Jeff was in a car accident recently. Hes on the mend thankfully. However after being checked for injuries from the wreck, the doctors noticed he had a preexisting condition that made the wreck injuries worse. He has osteophytes On the inside of c2-c6. basically bones spurs on his vertebrae pinching his spinal cord. Doctors said it was imperative he have immediate neck surgery. this will leave him recovering and out of work for 6-8 weeks. leaving him with no income and no way to pay hospital bills or everyday living expenses. Anything and everything counts and would be appreciated. He’s working on crafts and goods to sell for extra money. he already has supplies if you donate he’ll gladly make you a gift with love as appreciation. 

Organized by

Jes Smith

Lake Charles, LA, USA