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Our cousin Joey Durbin, III, the youngest of our 36 cousins, who is only 41, has entered hospice due to a debilitating medical condition he has battled much of his adult life. The hospice care provider supplies him at home with a hospital bed, walker, oxygen, and shower chair. Joey is now experiencing constant nausea, frequent vomiting, severe chronic pain, and body swelling.

Hopefully, very soon when Joey is blessed with a time of remission, he would like to take his sons, Landon, age 9, and Easton, age 5, away for a trip to the beach. They could spend some quality time together which would have a lasting effect on Landon and Easton, as well as create forever memories for them with their dad, Joey.

Please help us with any financial support you can to fund Joey's dream gathering with his sons. We are especially asking for prayers for a miracle and God's peace for Joey as he deals with this challenge, as well as for his immediate family, and especially his sons, Landon and Easton, as they all emotionally and physically support him in his journey.



Organized by

Neil Sarazin

Philadelphia, PA, USA