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    If things couldn't get worse well they have, the place where I am staying the owner has pasted away and the Bank is foreclosing on the property..and we are being forced to leave.. And with No Mobility I can't get out and try to find a place to live.. Plus I'm going to lose Everything I own which isn't much, but it's all I have... Please if you are my friend and or you follow me 🙏Please Donate even a 1$ or 2$ will Help me get mobility .. I can't Do This By Myself, ... Fundraisers are to Help People and so far Nobody seems to Care enough to want to Help Me ... Something is Better than Nothing.. I've have donated to People, Fundraisers, and Charities whenever I can even if I could not afford to I gave what I could, even if it was just a few dollars $1 to 5$ Dollars Because I Knew it would help them.. I'm wishing People would Do the same for Me🙏❤️🫶🙏🙋🏼‍♀️❣️

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my name is Tara Davis I am 57 years old. I'm fundraising for myself because I have almost lost all the ability to use my legs to walk and hold myself up and do things that normal people do.time is of the essence before I will no longer be able to use them I figure less than a month I won't be able to walk anymore with my legs every step I take is excruciating pain and the more I use my legs the worst they get I have to get both of my hips replaced I've been waiting for the last 6 years with no avail because of the doctors or the wannabe doctors who have just flat out refused to help me get to the Specialists that I need to get to to be seen to get my hips fixed (replaced), ..  l have no means of transportation.I was also told by one of the specialist if I keep walking on my legs and using them I may get to the point where there won't be any part of the bone left to replace the hips I have degenerative bone disorder or disease and it's grinding my hips down to nothing..I don't know what else to do I need to be mobile and this is the only way I can see it getting done I've never asked anybody for anything but I really need this motorized wheelchair device I'm afraid that I might have gone past the limit of walking to where they won't be able to replace my hips but I never give up but I'm asking everybody who's anybody to please donate to my friend I need this motorized wheelchair more than anything I've Ever Needed in my entire life I can't even get to the doctor's office without something to get me there. and just to let everybody know I've never asked hospitals or doctors for any type of pain meds because they really don't like them and I didn't want to go on that direction of having to be dependent on something like that so you can imagine what the pain is like and I just can't take the pain anymore...I asked God every night to take the pain away it's just not happening and it's crippling me to the point where I can barely function if everybody who has a heart can help me out even small donations is better than None I would appreciate it more than anything in the world.and being able to get this motorized wheelchair might stop some of the crippling and pain that I have until I can get my hips fixed thank you and God bless everyone who will be making a donation to my fundraiser and to everybody else also….sincerely Tara Davis

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